Payments Accepted


Currently, we only accept Paypal payments.
But Through PayPal, you can pay using your Credit Card.
All payments are done on the safe and secure environment of PayPal. No credit card data is stored on our website.


Shipping Method 

You can choose a shipping method.
There are two options.
We offer Small packet and EMS shipping services by official Korea post.
You can compare the shipping rates and more information here.
Thank you!



Cancellation Policy

1. If an item is out of stock or we can’t buy your item, you will get a full refund.


2. If your order is not processed yet, you can cancel your order. We will get your payment a full refund.


3. Unfortunately, if your order was already processed and your ordered item was purchased, you cannot get a full refund. We will charge domestic shipping fee and our services fee, and refund the remaining balance.


4.  If your order has been shipped to you, then we can not offer refunds.


If you want to cancel your order, please send an email immediately at koreatoucs@gmail.com



What is the Domestic Shipping Fee? 

The domestic shipping fee is the cost of the shipping from the seller/store to our warehouse.

1. Domestic Shipping Fee: Fee from the seller/store to KOREA TO U warehouse.
2. International Shipping Fee: Fee from KOREA TO U to your address.



When will my items be shipped from Korea to U?


Your package will be shipped out from our warehouse within 1~2 business days after you complete the payment for your shipping charge invoice.



Can I buy items from a resale store, Bunjang, Joonggonara?


Buying service is not available from Bunjang, Joonggonara, and secondhand goods store.


Can I buy a concert ticket?

Sorry, We do not offer ticket buying service. It’s illegal in Korea.


What items am I prohibited from shipping?

Dangerous or prohibited items that we cannot ship overseas.

*Spray can, Aerosol spray, Nail polish, Lithium battery, Hairspray, High-pressure spray, Hair color.
These items cannot ship to overseas.

* Items that present a danger or risk when being shipped.