① Apply for shopping service by submitting your order form.


② We will send you an invoice.

③ Pay for your product, domestic shipping fee & service fee.

④ We will purchase your product.

⑤ When the items are ready, we will inspect and package everything carefully.

⑥ We will weigh your package and send you a shipping charge invoice.

⑦ After receiving your payment, your package will be shipped out within 1-2 business days.

Service Fee

Online Store

10% of the product price or a minimum of $5

Offline Store

15% of the product price or a minimum of $10

PayPal Fee

4.4% + $0.30 per international payment

No additional fees for ordering from multiple sites or communication assistance.

Example Invoice

Case 1. Online Store Buying Service

Invoice No.1 (Product, Service Fee, Domestic Shipping Fee) 

Cap 2021-11-05 17-11-24-189.png

Invoice No.2 (Shipping Fee Invoice)

Cap 2021-11-05 17-40-26-310.png