Package Forwarding Guide

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KOREA TO U provides the package forwarding service (Warehouse service) that supports shipment from various areas around the world. You can send the items from Korea to the KOREA TO U warehouse.

Your package will be received and will be forwarded to you by KOREA TO U.
Also, you can choose your shipping method at your convenience.

You can check the FAQ page for details.


NOTE: The package forwarding service is not part of the buying service.
If you purchase the product through the KOREA TO U Buying Service, you do not need to submit it for package forwarding.

Step 1

Complete the order form before sending your items to KOREA TO U Warehouse.

Complete the information of the item to be forwarded and submit the order form.

KOREA TO U needs to review the item to see if it can be shipped or not.

Please wait for the items to be reviewed.

KOREA TO U will verify your items, and now you can buy your item and ship it to the KOREA TO U warehouse.

If your item is not verified, your package will be returned to the seller.


We will reply to your email.
*If your item is okay to go, we will tag
BUT, if your item is not suitable to ship to you, we will tag “unavailable”.*

In this part, we are reviewing whether items are not allowed onboard the aircraft or drugs, guns, knives, perfumes, sofas (bulky items), cigarettes, other illegal products or not.

Step 2
Ship your item to the KOREA TO U warehouse 
under your name. Read More (address format)

Once the item is verified, you can ship your item to the KOREA TO U warehouse.
Complete the logistics information (domestic tracking number & domestic shipping company) by replying to email.
You have to send your items within 15 business days after submitting the Step 1 order form.


Please send the parcel to the warehouse you selected when filling in the request form within 15 business days. Also, please complete the item's logistics information online before it expires.

Step 3
KOREA TO U Inspection and Warehousing

The item will be inspected upon receiving. After the item is stocked in, it will send a notification to your email.

If you have more items to arrive, tell us you want to store the items. We offer 90days of free storage. After 90 days, we are going to charge 1 USD for 1 day.

Step 4
Submit for Delivery

Please send the reply to the email for delivery.
Fill in delivery details and choose the recommended type of delivery.
However, we have selected a few recommended types of delivery for you to choose from the list.

Step 5

Packing your item/items

We will consolidate items, reinforce package, and weigh your package.

Step 6
Pay international shipping fee and KOREA TO U service fee

Paypal or Wise <More info>

Step 7
Package shipping to you

Step 8
Wait for your package to arrive 

You can track your package on this page

Our system will notify you via email as soon as your order is updated.
Heads up: If you haven't received our email after a period of time please be sure to check your spam folder, we will never send any spam message to you, so any email that we sent you is only related to your order, please don't miss any of email.


Submit order form 
Get "Verified"





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